The Fifthwind Bootcamp (ebook)

The long-awaited ebook of “The Fifthwind Bootcamp” will be hitting Amazon in kindle format by January 1st, 2013! The cost will be a mere 99 cents!

This tried and tested novel writing method has helped many writers with the difficult task of completing their first novel. If you’ve tried and failed to wrangle the immense task of finishing such a large project in the past, then give this method a shot. You are not alone, we’ve all been there before.

It has been said that within each of us resides a story. Whether it is a story of our own experiences, or a fictional fabrication borne from our imaginations, our stories are an integral part of who we are. Most will never heed the whisper of that inner tale. Others are haunted by the constant cry, a relentless itch, a call that must be answered. It is for those, that this guide was written.

The call to write is a powerful and personal experience. Though that call can be strong, the path is often difficult and replete with obstacles. It takes dedication, perseverance and a solid plan to follow that path to its destination. The journey to a completed novel requires an outright fight against a many and varied enemy. This guide is dedicated to everyone who wished they had walked that path, but never did.



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