Book One of The Kreggorian, “FIFTHWIND” (Available Now!)

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 Ben can see with his eyes closed. It’s called Mindsight… and it’s just the beginning.

With the passing of ages, the origins of folklore can sometimes be forgotten. Some tales were never intended to be myth and some horrors are rooted firmly in history.

In a remote trading town, full of seasoned soldiers, the most terrifying of all fables is coming to life. When nightmares from the days of myth awaken in the forests, even the bravest of men can be gripped by fear.

Now, one man must rise to play the role of hero in a real-life tale of encroaching evil and impending human annihilation. In a race against time to unravel the secrets of an ancient poem and master the skills of a mythic warrior, Ben Karr soon finds himself becoming a legend.